Quickie Time

Adult games designed to use the touch functionality found on your smart phone.

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Wild Breath game

Time for another grand adventure starring everyone's favorite elf, Link. Wait. No. The real hero is Revali!!!

male, sex
Wild Love game

[Guest Artist: SourTassieTiger] Your favorite animal villagers want to get more intimate.

male, female, sex
Snowfall Christmas game

Corey drags you home for the holidays! Will you survive the encounter with his unusual family?

male, deer
Snowfall Thanksgiving game

[Patrons-Only] Thanksgiving is here! Time to start a new holiday tradition with your favorite buck.

male, deer, sex
Starfox game

The mission is complete! Celebrate with the galaxy's best pilot. Don't forget... do a barrel roll!

male, fox, sex
Renamon game

Get lost in a foreign land with a special fox as your tour guide. Don't forget to give her a big tip!

female, fox, sex
Digimoan game

Pick your Digimon and go wild! Control every element of the game with more options than ever before.

male, female, sex
My Trainer game

Join your team of fellow Pokémon as you compete in one of the league's most grueling tournaments.

male, amphibian
Arigato game

Time for some special training with Pikachu and Raichu! Also, a big thank you to our patrons!

male, sex, rodent
Starlight game

[Patrons Only] Explore four additional types in this special edition of our Eeveelution game!

female, sex, canine
Eevee game

It's time to evolve! Explore all the options for you and your Eevee. Which form will you pick?

female, sex, canine
Embers game

A wild Charizard needs your help. Will you find the bravery to rescue the dragon from his painful past?

male, sex, dragon
You & Me 3 game

The adventure continues for you and Lucario. Prepare for a Poké Battle unlike any you've seen before!

male, sex, canine
Dash game

After a long day in the woods, you finally have her alone. Now's your chance to be her first.

female, sex, pony
Adrift game

Get lost in space with Rocket Raccoon. Be careful, he's eager to show you his favorite gun.

male, oral, raccoon
Second Lesson game

Training continues with your dragon companion. The question remains: who is teaching who?

male, oral, dragon
You & Me sequel game

Set out on a new adventure with Lucario. He will do everything to protect and service you.

male, sex, canine
Bard's Tail game

Your long adventure with the bard named Ratika is over. Now she offers you a special reward.

female, sex, rat
Snowfall 2 game

Corey returns, but this time he wants to take you out into a storm. Will you follow the deer?

male, sex, deer
You and Me game

After a long and dangerous mission, your servant has returned. Will you reward or punish him?

male, oral, canine
First Lesson game

There is a common saying about dragons. When training them, the first lesson is the hardest!

male, sex, dragon
Rook game

It's your last day as a rookie, but there's one more important call you have to answer...

female, oral, bunny
Snowfall game

A chance encounter with a male deer during a snow storm. How will you keep warm?

male, bj, deer
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